What is the MF advantage?

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Re: May not have an advantage....

rsn48 wrote:

MF is a studio camera, pure and simple. Its not the camera you grab for street photography, if you know what I mean. ISO is bizarrely low if you come from a 35mm DSLR background. ISO doesn't matter a whole lot when you are shooting in studio and control the lighting, just stick the MF at ISO 200 and it will probably stay their all the camera's life.

My starting premise is a specialized camera for studio/landscape. And I shot pre dawn landscapes at ISO100.

For example, the Pentax 645D MF has an ISO range of 200 -1000, heck my Original Digital Rebel "almost" has that range.

I would like a range of ISO 25 to 400. I spent 20 years shooting ISO25 film.

If you are shooting landscapes, its a great camera until light levels get really low, and yes I know it will be on a tripod. And the latest fad, landscape astrophotography, is beyound the MF range.

I think resolution is not so important for astrophotagraphy. 12 mpixels with ultra low noise so a single shot at say 15-20 seconds would be great. As I say, I would have one each slow-high-resolution and a fast-high-iso camera in my bag.

You generally don't take the MF camera to the pro-sport game, shoot the kids in the park, etc.

Right, you take the fast camera and leave the slow one at home, or in the car.

Its easy to get "ga ga" over MF, but the camera really isn't for most photographers, but if I was doing a product shoot, you know I'd want one of these babies.

What is landscape astrophotography:


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