Just ordered E-PL1. Looking to buy legacy lens and adapter.

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Re: Just ordered E-PL1. Looking to buy legacy lens and adapter.

I have a Minolta 50mm 1.4 and find it's a good lens, and will enable you to take photos in lower light situations, without going to a high ISO setting and getting a lot of noise. The 50mm is the focal length in 35mm film. On your new camera it will be the equivalent of 100mm (a short telephoto - or around a portrait focal length) if you were shooting in film since the Sensor in your camera is 2x less size than the 35mm film would be. On a 35mm film camera, most people consider 45-55mm focal length a 'normal' lens..closer to how the eye sees (but there is some debate about that). As Jeff said, the 55mm is the filter size. I found the adapter from Rainbow Imaging focuses just a bit past infinity (which is good) Set your camera to Aperture Prioirty (A) and it will take care of the shutter speed, or manual priority (and you take care of the shutter speed) The aperture, or how much light is let in, is set on the ring of the lens. I find mine to be really sharp at around F2.

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