X10 on IR Comparometer !!!

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X10 vs Nikon P7100 and V1

Sunshine_boy wrote:

I am surprised that, to my eyes, the X10 does not exceed the P7100 unless it goes over iso 1600. There is so much talk about the Fuji colors (whicch I admit are very pleasing) but so are the colors from the P7100.

&160; I was a bit surprised as well when I compared Still-life images (IR's version of DPR's Studio photos) last night at ISO 100, 3200 and 6400. The P7100 fell way behind at ISO 3200 but at ISO 100 it was very close in resolution/detail, with the P7100 having a slight edge in places despite its sensor's 10mp resolution vs. the X10's 12mp. Not too surprising though since it's pretty well known by now that in high resolution mode (L size), EXR sensors don't provide nearly as much detail as Bayer sensor cameras at the same resolution. The V1 on the other hand, also a 10mp camera, showed noticeably more detail than the P7100 and X10 at all of the ISOs that I checked, and at the two high ISOs, 3200 and 6400, the X10 showed more noise, also unsurprising given the V1's larger sensor.

There was no S100fs to compare so I settled for adding the 16mp F550EXR and it was no contest. The hook came out and it was pulled off the stage before it could plead "I can do RAW too!"

I wonder what you think

I think that the X10 is a good camera (for those that will rarely shoot in orb-producing conditions) that is well made, feels good in the hand and for many photographers will encourage their owners to go out and shoot, but after trying one in a store yesterday I find it less appealing. I've always preferred the optical viewfinders on DSLRs and the X10's OVF is better than those on other P&S cameras, but I found the near 100% lack of feedback from the X10's viewfinder a big negative. EVFs are much   better in some cameras than they used to be, and I'd have not hesitation using the V1's EVF at any time. Not so for the X10's OVF. I'd rarely use it and would actually prefer a cheaper, less well made OVF if it was more like other OVFs that don't stick out so far behind the camera. This pretty much requires a bag a size larger than would otherwise be necessary.

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