NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

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Re: NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

cxsparc wrote:

I paid a reasonable amount for the 5N, enjoy its positive aspects and can live with its shortcomings.

I would be just willing to part with the amount of money for the 7 if it were significantly improved compared to the 5N+EVF. Unfortunately, to me it isn

16 or 24 is bonkers to me. Hotshoe, connection for ext mic would be nice, but I found a way to get flash working as I wish. Ext Mic without volume control is not a big improvement. So it is just a lot more money for the 7. And as others said, I would require at least a better AF system in it, like in higher-end DLSR models which especially improve in number and quality of their sensors compared to the entry level models.

Both cameras are bound to be enjoyed, but I rather stick with the 5N+EVF, buy a 50 mm/1.8 and wait for the 6 or 7N

If Sony keeps improving its models at the current pace, it will more than intersting to see what level of perfectness they will then have achieved.

I'm in the same boat. I initially wanted the 7 soo badly but had a few situations where I wanted to have a small camera with me. So broke down and purchased the 5N after owning the 5. Big improvement over the 5! Glad I did because I've been able to make some images that I'm very happy with and printed large.

Yes, I'd enjoy having the benefits of the 7 over the 5N but really pleased with the results from the 5N and it appears to have one more stop of usable high ISO. That's a big deal for me as I don't like to shoot with flash. I'm often at 1600 and 3200 ISO and judging from the review. The 5N is a bit better in that category.

So I'm just going to continue to expand my lenses for the NEX and I'm sure the next NEX cameras will be better than the current crop and I will update then. But for now, it will be the 5N + EVF happily. If the 7 had been available at the time I purchased the 5N, no question I would have gone that way.

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