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Thanks for sharing your views, Mike

Mike ORyan wrote:

Hi Roel,

Your post is a very interesting reinforcement of an observation I made during a discussion in our photo club in Nieuwe Vennep this week.

The topic was image manipulation/photoshopping - the does & don'ts, writes & wrongs, ethical limitations etc.

One of our members took the high ground and said that, in principle and as an exercise in skill, he tried always to get the best out-of-camera image possible in order the minimize the necessity to manipulate the file in his computer.

As if users of film did not burn and dodge.

I countered that while I supported his principle, he was ignoring, or was unaware of the possibilities for manipulation built in to in some modern cameras - notably Olympus.

It appeared that many keen owners of other brands were blissfully unaware of what could be done.

A recent prize-winning photo from another member has a star reflection from sequins on the clothing of the subject. Few people realized that the star was an effect out of the E5.

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