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Started Dec 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Streusel ...

Streusel wrote:

Have you tried reducing the color noise reduction slider to zero? The color bleeding in the last image looks like the color channels are overly blured.

Because of the problems the color noise reduction function in ACR has given me in the past, I usually permanently set it to zero.

... That is just one example and the amount of colour noise control will vary in different images. Indeed, with some images the colour noise controls can be set very low, if used at all.

In the particular example in my post, the colour noise was set to 10 and the colour detail to 60. The defaults are 25 and 50 and at those settings there is significant 'bleed'.

Anyway, just something which can be helpful for those using ACR/LR and wondering why there colour edges are strange with EXR Raw files.

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