Sony SAL1650 focusing problem

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Re: Sony SAL1650 focusing problem

There is no problem with the lens or the camera.

The A580 is a unique camera in that it actually has two types of focusing in live view. If you press the Focus Check LV button, as you did, you get contrast detect autofocus (CDAF). This is the same type of autofocus that smaller point and shoot cameras have, and it is slow with any lens because the A580's sensor is large, and the sensor is doing the focusing. Other DSLRs have the same problem, technology will have to improve in order for this type of autofocus to get faster.

The second type is phase detect autofocus (PDAF), which is the same kind that you use through the viewfinder. It is very fast, although slightly less accurate, and it can track moving objects very well due to its speed, unlike CDAF. If you want to get PDAF in live view, don't press focus check live view, but instead move the switch to the left of that button from OVF to Live View.

By the way, this is the News Discussion forum. In the future, you will get better feedback by posting on the appropriate forum, such as Sony SLR talk or Beginner Questions.

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