Nikon 105mm f2.5 AIS...sample images anyone?

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Re: Nikon 105mm f2.5 AIS...sample images anyone?

Meekyman wrote:

Hi Folks,

I'm interested in this lens primarily as a portrait lens. Given I'm not hugely into portraits, don't want to spend a fortune, so it's apparent optical quality, small size and lowish cost appeal. I've been looking at flickr until the cows come home, but still undecided.

Can anyone who has this lens post a tight face portrait shot, hopefully at f2.5 showing a blurred background?



P.S Reading a current thread on here where the user found lots of CA in a photo taken on a sunny day of a reflective surface. Someone suggested that this was normal behaviour for this lens. Any other situations where it falls short I should be aware of?

On rare occasions you might get a tiny bit of CA on very high contrast subjects with it but other than that the 105/2.5 Ai-S has very low CA wide open...BTW, I converted mine to Sigma SA mount so I could use it at infinity...The following are handheld panoramas taken with my SD14 and the 105mm f2.5 Ai-S, stitched with Autopano Pro. All @ f2.5:

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