X10: it's not for me, I prefer my F200.

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X10: it's not for me, I prefer my F200.

Well its gone, I tried three different ones and they all had one (or more) faults. I know there's a new firmware coming out soon but unless it fixes all the bugs it's not for me.

1. The WDS, I do a lot of low light shooting and it runs riot in low light. All three suffered this problem.

2. On/Off switch built into the lens. Some days they just didn't want to turn on without 5 or 6 attempts. Two of the three suffered this.

3. Low light focusing, I got fed up with having to find a part of the scene with enough high/low contrast for the camera to obtain a lock. All three suffered this; My F200EXR would lock on no trouble to any part of the scene.

4. General focus issues, you get the green square letting you know its obtained focus but no bleep and end up with an out of focus image. All three suffered this.

5. OVF, personally I found it all but useless, two of the three suffered from only being in focus at one end of the zoom, one had a loose OVF housing too.

On paper it looks like a nice camera, but in the flesh it's another Fuji half baked rush job. A firmware isn't going to correct the OVF focus problem or the on/off switch and I'm not even sure it can fix the orb problem completely.

In good light its IQ is not much better than the F200EXR, although when the light falls and you need to raise the ISO the X10 does out gun the F200 but you have to live with the erratic focusing and the dreaded orbs so unless that is fixed in the new firmware it's not really any better than the F200 unless of course you like blurred pictures with orbs in them.

So third time lucky I wasn't. I've now given back this one and asked them to put the £529.95 towards an X-S1, I've pre-ordered it but have no idea when it will arrive.

Again, on paper the X-S1 looks like it should be a nice camera, I've said many a time I would be happy with an S100FS with a decent EVF so the X-S1 fits the bill there. The all metal lens and hood look very nice I just hope they haven't thrown it together like some of there other lenses. The EVF is supposed to be of the same quality as the X100 so should be very nice, the only doubts in my mind are its 9 bladed aperture, supposedly a modified version of the one in the the X100 (we all know the trouble people have been having with that) and the orbs, I've seen a few X-S1 pictures and it's not looking good so far.

Anyway, rant over, hope the rest of you enjoy your X10’s and I hope Fuji get their ass in gear and sort the problems out for you. Guess I'm going to have to wait until January/February of next year for the X-S1 to arrive, I'm hoping this X series will live up to the hype, although I'm prepared to be disappointed (again).


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