Strictly rumor: Pentax 35mm full-frame DSLR and APS-C EVIL to come in 2012

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Re: Don't get excited too fast

moving_comfort wrote:

sfa1966 wrote:

wlachan wrote:

because the majority of existing Pentax lenses will perform poorly on FF DSLRs, FA primes included.

I can imagine that this has been one of the reasons that we have not seen a FF Pentax DSLR before now. Indeed, Ned Bunnell has previously intimated something along these lines.


That's not what Ned was implying. His "You have to ask yourself, where are the lenses?" comment in response to a FF query meant two things:

1) The vast majority of folks who buy into an FF format consider the lenses before making a decision, what's available from that manufacturer compared to others. Pentax really came up short here. No f/2.8 zooms, mainly, but holes in a bunch of areas compared to Canon/Nikon. This was Sony's Big Mistake , according to that Online Photographer article - lack of lenses, and what they had was overpriced - thus, A850/A900 didn't do as well as they could have. (Note: FA Limiteds are not overpriced compared to their equivalents (or lack thereof) from other manufacturers.)

2) Pentax would need more high-margin lenses to accelerate ROI. The body, if priced competitively, would only show a couple hundred $ profit per unit - not enough to pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time. More lenses accelerate that payback. BUT: These new lens roll-outs are the most expensive part of the whole deal, and Pentax-standalone was stuck because they'd have to finance the whole thing. Pentax-Hoya had the cash/credit, but they weren't willing - they were working on the 18-month plan, in preparation for sale.

Ricoh has the deep pockets and the desire to compete in this field longer-term. Thus, we will see a FF body - and the new lens roadmaps .

I'd say you could be right, MC.

I see no real reason why Pentax/Ricoh couldn't do this and I think that at heart this is the reason why Ricoh bought Pentax as they want to get back into the camera business, just like the "old days".

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