NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

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Re: NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

This is a note to everybody: From past experience I have found that Sony listens to their customers very well, and tends to respond to them when enough customers suggest the same thing. There are two big things we as a customer can do to influence what Sony's next move is. I have already done the first one, and I suggest you all do too:

1. Call technical support and ask to be connected to higher tech, saying you have suggestions on this product on how to make it better, transfer time is about 5-10 minutes due to the limited availability of these guys. When you get connected, suggest how it would be great if there was an adapter to put on the E-mount that had a translucent mirror with the phase detection AF BUT was an E-mount on the receiving end as well. What this will do is keep the adapter with you (in a camera bag or something); then during the day or night when you need to take basic pictures with high resolution, but don't need the focus speed, you can just take pictures as normal. But say you take this camera to an outdoor sporting event, pop the adapter on, and ta-da! Same relative ISO performance, but with blazing fast AF speed, and without the need to carry around the bigger Alpha lenses. The upper tech thought about it and was adamant that this was a great idea, and that he would pass it on. If more people call in to this, they'll be sure to put something into development.

2. Call technical support and get connected to higher tech as before, but this time suggesting that the next NEX (NEX-7n?) have a lower resolution sensor for better noise performance.

Sony really does listen, and they have great customer service.

As far as the "noise problems" with the 7, take note that on these ISO tests these are at 100% crops of LOW LIGHT shots (as seen in Luminous Landscapes review and DCResource's review). The increase in noise is understandable! However, when you go to a studio shot and see how well the 7 does in well lit high ISO (important for sports photos, seen again in the DCResource review), it has fantastic detail along with good ISO performance.

Finally, listen, no one likes pixel peepers. There's no reason to balk over how well one camera does shots at 100% crop over another. What's important is to look at real world samples in finished photos (such as in Steve Huff's NEX-7 review).

Sorry this took so long, just wanted to get my thoughts out.

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