Second hand Canon S90 - Price and what to look for

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Re: Second hand Canon S90 - Price and what to look for

Your list is good. By and large a lot can be told from wear and tear on obvious stress points like the shutter button. But for any used camera (can't speak to the S90) it is worth asking the seller if the image count has been reset for any reason, and if not, evaluating the number of images taken, as the best obvious clue as to how it's been used.

I would also innocently ask the seller if the s90 is supported by the CHDK hack. You already know the answer, of course, it is - but familiarity with the CHDK hack can be evidence that you are buying from an enthusiast, who might have made unusual demands on the hardware, for example, thousands of exposures for time lapse photography. Like a used car, the best used camera is from a granny who only drove it five miles to church once a week, not from a hot rodder.

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