NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

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Re: NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

Geir Eivind Mork wrote:

Well, it's not pocket change. but looking how people buy expensive cellphones and other gadgets, it is apparently not that much anymore.

New gadgets are cool, and I try to keep up, but come on, an iPhone 4s is 300 bucks. Can't compare it to something that's almost 10 times the price. I'm not saying the NEX 7 is vastly overpriced and I'll never be able to get it (Actually I think all cameras are overpriced for what they do). All I'm saying is that if I pay 300 bucks for a phone and it has crappy battery life, whatever, I could live with it. But if I pay 3000 dollars for a NEX 7 with some lenses and the autofocus annoys me, I'd be pissd off. Just my opinion. Obviously it doesn't apply to people with a lot of money to spend.

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