Lens shoot out: Zeiss 24 vs. Kit 18-55 via the NEX-5

Started Dec 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Kit Lens selects High ISO compared to Zeiss

What really shows up here for me is that when set to auto, the kit lens and the Nex ALWAYS selects a much higher ISO than any other lens. I asked on this forum yesterday and found that others see the same thing - the Nex sets ISO high first and then selects other settings.

Before the purists yell to set everything manually, yes, we know.

Now back to the conversation. When I look at your tests, I see the Zeiss is typically half the ISO as the kit. In my opinion, the higher the ISO, the lower the quality and clarity of the shot, so your zooms and crops will definitely show more fuzziness.

Is it worth the $1000? Probably not, but it seems that Sony could do a little work on the software algorithms to make ISO the 3rd highest priority instead of 1st when calculating auto settings.

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