using old Hexanon lenses on a MFT body... worth it?

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Re: using old Hexanon lenses on a MFT body... worth it?

fermy wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Although I agree that the glow might be seen as a feature rather than a bug in some cases, I prefer lenses where it can be eliminated when/if you like. There are lots of filters, hardware- as well as software-based, that can be added when indeed you want a bit of softness or glow of one kind or another. But it's hard to remove that effect if it's built into the lens design.

Then you have chosen a wrong lens ;-). MD 50/1.4 has quite a bit more glow wide open compared to FD 50/1.4, but it glows very nicely

Could be. I am not in a position to compare directly with the FD 50/1.4 but my impression is that the MD 50/1.4 doesn't "glow" all that much in comparison with its "peers". In addition, the glow is only weakly colored (a slight trace of magenta) which I find clearly preferable to a clear blueish tint. Perhaps that's what you have in mind when you say it glows nicely.

Pictures of the kind you show (fairly high contrast scenes in broad daylight) are among those I normally wouldn't shoot at f/1.4 though, particularly since there is rarely any need to do so. The glow is gone by f/2, and so I tend to treat it as an f/2 lens with the option of opening up to f/1.4 in special cases.

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