NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

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Re: NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

Concur entirely. Like many people here I would like a 7 but not with the current AF. I just can't understand a company like Sony with it's huge resources not providing decent AF when the likes of the much smallel Olympus do it so much better.

S.A. wrote:

I'm still not sure... I have a NEX 5N and for the most part am happy with it. Well I'm happy with the sensor anyway. Beautiful image quality. But the camera and controls aren't anything that great. In fact, I would say the camera itself stinks. Too often accidentally change ISO and various other settings. Accidentally start recording movies. Can't see a damn thing on the LCD on bright days. Menus, bracketing is pathetic, no "my settings", can't set auto ISO limits, etc. etc. It's basically a snapshot compact type body stuffed with great film. (love the size though and that's why I dumped my DSLR for it in the first place)

For what we have to pay for the NEX 7, we should get a real AF system. Not this compact camera style contrast detect garbage. Also, I don't care what the reviews say, that sensor is much noisier than the NeX 5N. The pictures don't jive with what the reviewers say. We've got eyes mister Luminous Landscape....

The NeX 7 camera body is so cool. I think these reviewers just want it to be the best thing ever. And it would be with the 5N sensor and a real autofocus system.

Flame away, but that's how I feel about it. All that said, I still might end up with a 7 cuz I can't stand the work arounds I have to do for off camera flash with the 5N. Both cams need a lot of work...
Scott A.

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