K-r owners. Are you happy?

Started Dec 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
Barry Fitzgerald Forum Pro • Posts: 29,888
Re: Ditto

FrancoisduP wrote:

Ditto on what Barry said.

I personally find the Liveview shooting to be frustratingly slow. There are P&S cameras that are much faster than the LV mode on the K-r. Not my kind of workaround.

Well yes my Fuji compact will easily thump the K-r in contrast detect AF (Fuji's AF assist actually works too!)

On the other hand the K-r is quite a lot quicker than the K-x it's not unusable for some subjects obviously forget about moving action shots. AF will take about a second to lock, but the mirror has to drop down and then it's raised with the shutter.

If it were not for this then it might be more usable. Not sure why live view is like that because mirror lock up works so I assume the shutter can fire without the mirror dropping down and "re-loading" the shutter mechanism. Strange

For me I prefer to use the OVF most of the time, I'm ok with the live view in some situations, but being forced to use it as a workaround is not very satisfying for the end user.

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