S100 "out of stock" or "pulled"

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Re: S100 "out of stock" or "pulled"

I talked with a Canon rep a week ago at Bel Air Camera in Westwood, Ca about the rumors of about S100s being defective and that is why there are no more after the first small batch and he laughed.

I was asking because I did get one of the first wave of S100s to make it to the US and I was wondering if mine was suspect.

He cited the floods and said that Canon had problems with stock of a lot of their compact cameras. Also said other makers were in the same situation. Of course, this would be a good cover, but the reason is highly plausible.

And as far as Canon over all quality: I have had 5 Canon cameras (3 video, 1 SLR and the S100). So far, 5 out of 5 have had to be repaired (some right out of the box) or have been just not a 100% solid build in my opinion.

I also think Canon's over all customer support is weak. I've dealt with them a bit and you really have to keep on them. But I keep buying Canon because there are some really great aspects to the cameras. Just wish they paid closer attention to quality control and customer feedback.

Panasonic video department has Canon beat by light years when it comes to paying attention to what people are saying about their products and having people available to reach. They are on the forums all the time listening to customers and are able to trouble shoot and give answers.

Canon is in the dark ages when it comes to this. Of course, just my opinion, others may have better experience.

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