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Re: You are clueless...

Very emotional outburst ... do you feel better now?

But you don't know what you are talking about, not even close.....

So you do? Let's see ...

What real photographers and especially pros do in terms of either the Nikon or Canon system is pick the system based on the WHOLE SYSTEM, not just one camera ...>

Stating the obvious, but let's move on...

and if some hack on a website says it is "Pro" or not.>

Not following this, but let's read on ...

Case in point, I have about 300,000 cycles between my D3 and D700, more on the D700. I use it for everything from web sized ads to full on billboards, one stitched that is over 40 feet wide at a construction site. I use the gear inside, in rain, in snow and ice, in temps as low as -30F. For the most part, I really could care less about the new camera's megapixel count, high ISO, but I am wanting video and a new not so worn out body, mine are due for replacement.

Within the first 6 months I had the camera, I had to do an assignment for a well known outdoor publication. It was tough, some really high caliber mountaineers were on the roster. I only had room for one D700, a 28, 50 and 105 lens. On the first day it rained so hard, my LCD fogged up and the camera needed to be dried out, it was toast.

In comparison, just last May, two of those awesome mountaineers on the assignment I was on did Everest. One of them took his 5D-II, a 24-105 and a 14mm all the way up. It performed flawlessly, PROFESSIONALLY bud:


You have NO idea what the heck you are talking about, so wait and see what they come out with. And be sure that no matter what you think about what camera is competing with what and who it is for, you are dead wrong. There are just as many National Geographic shooters using an awesome 5DII as there using the killer D700, end of story...

Ah ... OK got it. What got you all worked up is that I referred the D700 as "pro grade", as in "professional grade", but you concluded that meant "professional" as in occupation. Reading comprehension issue, which lead you to an interesting series of paragraphs to establish your bonafides and the 5D's robust build.

Surely a professional (as in occupation) such as your self understands certain gear is built and marketed ... and priced ... as "professional grade"? If you carefully re-read my original comment, you'll note I made no reference to the 5D as not being suitable for "professional" work. But even you would have to admit that the D700 is constructed closer to the 3D in components and sealing, while the 5D is in the same grade as Canon's XXD line.

We could swap all kinds of fun stories about the 5D's that could, and the D700's that couldn't. Like people that have used their 5D's in the rain with no problem, or the D700 that died after getting hit a little water from a sprinkler. Or the Antarctic cruise article in Luminous Landscape a few years ago in which all the 5D's eventually failed. Or the review of the 1D MkIII AF in which Rob Galbraith used a 5D MkII to nail some shots the 1D MkIII struggled with. Here's another one: I know a successful amateur earning some nice extra cash using a 5D MkII for school sports. I also know a professional that uses P&S's to get some jobs done.

But we can skip all that, because I never stated anything to suggest, as you erroneously concluded, that 1). a "professional", as in occupation, does not use any tool that gets the job done, or 2). that the 5D can not be used successfully in difficult situations, ie weather, sports, etc.

I have no idea what Nikon or Canon will do, but neither do you. The point I made that put your panties in a bunch was that transforming the D700 into a 5D competitor, as in features, per this rumor we are all having so much fun debating, would be a downgrade. My basis for this is simple: according to the rumor, there is different, unspecified, AF, a 36 MP sensor that may be on par or below the current one in high ISO. There is no mention of the body grade and only a few hints a other features. Others who claim they do have some insight suggest this is indeed a whole new body and direction by Nikon, aimed at the 5D market, and not a continuation of the D700.

The conclusion I am drawing, no more or less valid than anyone else's, is that would result in a no frills body, like the 5D, in order to keep the price competitive. I may be completely wrong, just as other may be wrong to assume that Nikon would maintain the level of AF and build in this new camera as is now found in the D700. If I'm right, however, that's a downgrade in all except MP's .... and video.

I wonder if a lot of 5D MkII shooters would be consider it a downgrade if Canon decided to transform the 5D MkIII into a D700 competitor, using a body build and AF close to the 1D X ... and the same 18 MP sensor?

You are an "ne beginner" and it shows as you are clearly out of your league in your baseless commentary....

I chose, and keep, "beginner" as a moniker because, even after 18 years as a hobbyiest, starting with a Canon Elan 7, then a EOS 3, going digital with a 20D, and moving up the Canon line through the 5D, 5D MkII, 1D Mk III, then going over to Nikon 3 years ago, my skills and knowledge only scratch the surface of what my gear can do. In my albums, now digital, there are many images that bring a smile to my face, and enjoyment to my family and friends. Yet I know that even the best half dozen I have ever captured would earn nothing buy a snicker and sneer from a "pro" such as you.

Much of what I do know, which would fit in your pinky I'm sure, has been learned over the years from this and other forums, like FM, by reading and asking questions. Fortunately the vast majority of professionals on these sites exhibit a helpful level of "professionalism", as in behavior.

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