X-S1 and burst mode

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Re: Well, after the X10 "message" ....

Depends on your use of your gear.

For me, I believe X-S1 certainly got every potential to promise good high ISO ability on 800/1600/even 3200 if using EXR mode,which is one of my consideration of moving to bigger sensor or change my current hx100v(i.e APS-C equipment). Having shooted several times of stage performance in night/indoor concert/competitions I really feel that usable high iso is so important for people who wish to use the telephoto end of their bridge camera in dim lumination since you get only F/5.6 soon after you zoom quite a bit to reach the performers while they can be moving which forces you use higher shutter speed to reduce motion blur, which in many case totally ruins such kind of images.

However, the "large" 2/3" sensor is still far from capable to deliever decent background defocus(shallow depth of field) using classical and pratical focus range(35-100mm on full frame) which is more feasible than using telephoto ends which in many case I simple cannot clear enough room for it in indoor situation.

While the price of X-S1 is around 200% of the bridge superzooms, it only solves half of the remaining problem of current consumer bridge cameras(and can never upgrade itself like DSLRs by further investing a decent yet affortable fast prime lens like 50mm F/1.4/1.8 or 85mm F/1.8), which makes the investment of X-S1 a much bigger waste of money than those superzooms on stock(since they are fixed lens cameras).

Therefore I agree wih you that you can just grab a decent DSLR/SLT body and get your first lens when you see the price is right, and it still get full potential to achieve every remaining function by further affordable investment(So your money on camera body/big sensor won't be wasted) while X-S1 only solves the sorrow of Superzooms half way(usable iso may be higher than other superzoom by 1-2 stop) and leave the rest of the problem(shallow depth of field control in close-medium focus length) a problem forever, yet asking 200% of the money compared to comsumer Superzooms in recent years.

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