America's intolerence on display

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Lowe's steps deeper into it

yanisha wrote:

Lowe's sells Hog Rings which Muslims would find very offensive. Lowe's did a good thing to self-censor themselves and not offend hyper-sensitive Muslims. If only everyone self-censored proactively so well -- actually, most already do. Fortunately, Lowe's has averted another crisis. We all know that if they had continued to sponsor the TV show there would have been Muslims rioting in the streets and blood flowing. Remember the uproar and killings over the stupid cartoons a few years ago?

Lowe’s Confusingly Apologizes to All

MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Local Muslim leaders aren’t satisfied with Lowe’s apology after the home improvement retail giant pulled ads from a controversial new television show.

"Lowe's sees the Muslim community as expendable. They don't value our business and they are willing to feed into an old bigotry that's been in this country for years.”

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