Adjustments to get better EVF display

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Adjustments to get better EVF display

I made a post several days ago inside another thread, but probably no one saw it:

I will make it a new thread instead.

When shooting raw the EVF is not WYSIWYG because the raw file actually has more shadow detail and highlight detail than is shown in the EVF. Someone has already mentioned that when shooting raw you can turn the contrast setting all the way down to -3 and this helps the EVF since shadows are blocked up a bit less and highlights are blown out a bit less. Since when shooting raw these settings only affect the jpeg used for the EVF/LCD display they have no effect on the raw file. It occurred to me that there are 3 more things that could be done and are worth experimenting with to get a better display in the EVF that may be combined with the contrast control:

1. Set contrast to -3.

2. Use the neutral creative style instead of the standard. I think that neutral has a bit less contrast since it is meant to be less punchy than standard.

3. Turn on DRO and experiment with settings.

4. Maybe use AdobeRGB instead of sRGB.

It would require experimentation, but since none of these settings change the raw file you might end up with settings that give you a much better EVF display with more shadow detail displayed and less highlight blowing. If anyone tries these things it would be cool to hear a report of your findings. By the way, these things may also provide a more accurate in-camera histogram.

About 4-5 years ago on the Canon forum we discussed something similar. The relatively low resolution rear LCDs of that era on the 30D (2.5", 230k pixels) made it a bit hard when you zoom in to check critical sharpness since when zoomed in the jpeg used for display always looked rather mushy even when the photo was sharp. We discovered that when shooting raw we could turn the sharpness setting all the way up and it made checking LCD much better but it didn't affect the raw file.

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