The 'unbeatable' DP2x

Started Dec 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
Nancy and Pete Spader Senior Member • Posts: 2,050
No compromise lens on the DP series cameras

Good point, but I think the "compromises" needed to make a camera compatible with a whole range of other lens at different focal lengths is just as bad. Most of us love the flexibility of changing lens, and people are looking forward to DP size Sigma/Foveon cameras that will take "interchangeable" lens, but I suspect many people do not realize you pay a price for that flexibility.

The present DP series does not pay that price. The lens and sensor are perfectly tuned to each other (I expect the tuing is on the side of the lens). The results is the optimal image possible with the lens and sensor.

Which is why I made the rather bold statement that the DP series of cameras may be, in this regard, producing the best images of any Sigma camera. I say "in this regard" because I expect there may be lens of better quality, and the SD1 series of sensors has higher resolution (at other costs), so absolute judgments are not appropriate (they rarely are anywhere IMO), but I am very impressed with both our DP1 and DP2 (and the later DP cameras are reported to be even better in some ways).

This is why I am not surprised when Michael and others praise these cameras so highly.


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