Do you see anything wrong with this ad ?

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Re: Run, don't walk . . . away!

Yes, obviously a scam - and there were TWO other obvious scams for D3 cameras posted at the same time.

One other ad spent most of the ad description bragging about how he had put an LCD protector on his camera RIGHT AWAY. I resisted the temptation to e-mail the moron and tell him that the D3 was one of the cameras with LCD glass that was SO scratch-resistant that it DOESN'T need one. (Pointing out such obvious idiocy would only teach the scammers to write "better" scam ads.)

But the sad fact is that there are people who really think you CAN get something for nothing - and these people are the sort who buy a "new" camera from someone on a street corner - and they are sure it is brand new because the scammer has a shrink wrap machine at home to wrap the box in convincing new-looking flawless and unopened plastic wrap.

Then they open the box 3 minutes later and find a brick in it - and they turn around and the scam artist is long gone.

And I'm sure you've noticed people who come onto this forum over the years who seriously ask - "is this ad legitimate?" And it is these type of people who want to get a $4,000 camera for $1,000 who DON'T listen to ANY logic about why it is a scam.

They are SO desperate for a "deal" that they are immune to the flaws and mistakes in the ad.

But that is exactly why MOST forms of scams work - and there are a thousound different scams out there. Most of them take advantage of foolish people trying to get unreasonable "deals."

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