Markup on 4x6 prints done online

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Re: Markup on 4x6 prints done online


I'm JUST getting into this, and still doing free settings with friends in exchange for images, and the experience. I have seen typical session fees around $125 - $150 (disregarding those hi-end guys!). For this I would provide around 2 hrs of candid work. Everybody has about had it by that time!

Next I'm thinking the PRINT COST is a fixed value:
Shutterfly/drugstore = Economy grade
MPIX = Quality grade
My 3800 prints = Premium grade.

Each of these has a fundamental print/material cost. In handling each of these a certain amount of (moderately skilled) labor is involved.

And before the printing begins, there is a certain amount of post processing labor. From simply creating a low-res sample gallery, to simple edits, sharpening, cleanup, etc to make the final hi-res images ready for print.

So each of these areas has to be priced and at some point the 'artistic merit' needs to be factored in as well, as well as the use of my infrastructure (camera, PC, PS, LR, etc).

This is my dilemma!! I do want to be a low cost service, at least for a while, but I do want to look at each of these. I may be able to come up with a composite value to add to each print cost.
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