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I am wishing Canon make a new speedlite too.

skysi wrote:

Will Canon ever produce a flash light on par with Nikon flash lights? This is ridiculous. Nikon has come up with a new flash with such awesome functions (I'm sure you all read the article) and there's nothing from Canon.

I will not comment on Canon's flash vs Nikon's,
but I am too have a wish that Canon create a new flash...
the 580 EX II's big brother ... the 990 EX :

  • have twice of the 580EX's max power

  • faster cycle time. It can be done with add its buffer (the capacitor) etc.

  • better build. It's required because of its power & cycle time.

  • Operated with 6-12 AA batteries (or 2-4 LP-E6s lithium batteries)

  • Have AC power using simple AC cable like EOS charger. So the flash can be used without AA batteries, or it can charge the AAs inside. Or dual purpose simultantly.

  • Have optional adaptor to allow the flash to use universal softbox, beauty disc, snoot, gel, barndoor, etc

  • and a battery indicator. Hopefully in percentage or anything that more accurate the better.

  • Better communication between master & slave. No more "line in sight" needed, just using a built in radio trigger or something.

  • Sound (beep) alerts that can be toggled ON/OFF for : (1) to let us know if the capacitor is full just like studio strobe & (2) when the battery need to be replaced.


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