Fuji get rid of the orb problem

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Indulis Bernsteins Regular Member • Posts: 475
Fuji get rid of the orb problem

..by making it into a FEATURE.

A lot of cameras have crazy features that some users just love, so Fuji has the opportunity to redefine the target market for this camera. It needs to give up on the semi-professional market, and aim for the super fashionable teen market.

Change the firmware to make the orbs more prominent, so that most shots include an orb. Then have a menu item called "Happy circle" or something else equally descriptive. When you enable "happy circle" mode, all orbs in the photo are overlaid with one of the following:

  • a happy face!

  • "hello kitty" face!

  • cartoon baby face!

  • sparkly diamond!

  • sparkly ruby!

  • your own face!

  • your best friend's face!

  • all of your facebook friend's faces!

  • random face!

Then offer a photo contest for the most "happy circles" in a photo!

Mr/Ms Fuji, just admit it a sensor problem, admit you can't fix it, and change the rules of the game. Ignore the people on dpreview, they are no longer your target market. Those crazy teens that love using the photo sticker booths are!

I am available under (expensive) contract to generate other world-beating ideas like this for you Mr/Mrs Fuji! Thank you.

PS it is important to continue the sense of "happy circle" excitement by putting exclamation marks next to the menu options.

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