GH2 firmware update: Question and observations

Started Dec 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
Zayne New Member • Posts: 5
Re: I am not sure I want that...

Martin N wrote:

Sometimes when using AF, I know it is not focusing correctly, I would use the half-press a few times to force the cam to re-focus without triggering the capture. This is possible or may be the only option when shooting video to force a refocus. Does this mean that if I do a half-press with the new FW installed when shooting video, I would end up taking a still in the middle of the clip? That would be bad if that is the case. How would you do a pre-focus to check things out without taking a shot?


You could pre focus using the touch screen if you want. For me this feature is very usefull especially to prevent camera shake at low shutter speed. With shutter AF priority on, the camera won't take picture if it can't focus properly anyway so you can minimize unwanted blurry photos.

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