AA blur sharpening, Canon 21mpixel

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Re: AA blur sharpening, Canon 21mpixel

try Raw Develpoer as your raw converter and use R-L deconvolution sharpening, radius 0.7-1.0 and 30 iterations. it will blow lens blur away and will supersede any more output sharpening.

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Edymagno wrote:

With CS5's ACR, I move the detail slider all the way to 100% with low iso's.
I believe this is called Deconvolution. It works for me.

I just tried this and could not see any difference from the same image with sharpening turned off. It was too blurry for me at that level.

But to be sure, I moved detail to 100, and used the default radius of 1. Amount and masking are zero. Is this what you use?

By the way, I did go to preferences and changed sharpening from preview only to all images for this test.
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