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Importance of Keywords When You Have Your Own Site

As most of you are aware, good, concise, precise keywording has always been a strong factor in getting your stock images found by image buyers.

As I am still a recent stock photo website owner with no prior experience in promoting and marketing one, I quickly realized the importance of having all of my images well tagged with proper keywords. I have discovered that it is much more important when it is your own website.

At the early stage of an image website, Google index all your gallery titles and image keywords. Needless to say Google is your best friend to have if your image keywords and gallery titles are well thoughout.

If an image buyer search from the google search engine instead of an image agency, your site keywords will compete with all other similar keywords under the "Google ranking system". It is the same principle as competing with similar keywords within an agency, but the big difference is you are competing under Google algorithm not an agency own brand of algorithm.

Interestingly, I did a few Google searches of my images to see how my website ranked amongst others. Obviously I needed to be fairly descriptive in my keywords and included my name denis pepin to have results readily available.

Firstly I searched the following keywords: denis pepin toronto building photos.

Not surprisingly, the resulting first line is a Shutterstock link leading to my Toronto buildings, the next one is leading to depositphotos and the next one after, to my site page where some of those buildings are located at

The next lines after that are Fotolia, Veer, 123RF etc. all leading to those same buildings with the same keywords.

My site came in third while other big agencies fall behind.

Of course hardly anybody will search images with my name attached, and obviously my photos will not come up first without it, but it does show that Google does a good job at finding your own site specific images if they have proper keywords.

I believe that once all the basics of having a beautiful image site is met, getting better Google ranking can only come with a promotional strategy and time.


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