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Re: I wonder how you like this composition then

First of all, I do not have the problem I had withe the other picture, probably because I can see that the stems are supporting the flower and bud heads adequately. The bend of the stems holding the two buds helps this. (Incidentally, my reaction to the other picture indicates a breakdown of the normal “suspension of reality” needed to experience any picture as a picture on my part. Indeed it took a while for me to realize why I was reacting badly to the other picture which, as I said, had many good compositional elements in it.)

Beyond that the composition works well for me. You use DOF effectively to focus on me on the flower and the buds and the contrast between what is in focus and what is not gives a sense of the relative position of the flower head and the buds to each other, with all of them contrasted with the more OOF background.

The flower is balanced nicely against the buds as well. I like the sense of direction you get from the stems of the buds, especially the back one. The back bud also intersects the swath of light green in the background well.

What I like most is the striking colors of the flower and buds against the more subdued greens of the leaves and background. Again it helps focus me on the flower and buds

This picture works for me and I like it.

I have a question for you. Are the elements I like elements you were deliberately putting into the picture or were you concentrating on other things?

The latter case often occurs. When I taught Aesthetics, we tested the main “theories” of the nature of art by looking at various examples of works of art that have had a good reputation over time. One of things we noticed was that the works of art thatwere given the best and most stable judgments over time often showed elements from a number of theories. (They had great formal elements, we all had the same emotional reaction, etc.)

Again, thanks for sharing your work.


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