X10 at 233 mm equivalent zoom with Intelligent Digital Zoom

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Barry Margolius Senior Member • Posts: 1,833
Re: Samples of Intelligent Digital Zoom at 233mm???

John_I wrote:

Barry Margolius wrote:

Good answers John and Trevor. Thanks,

Hi Barry. That's what dpreview at its best is all about :)!

Still hoping to see some more samples of 233mm IDZ at the long end ... and some opinions from readers who are better equipped to judge whether cropping would be just as effective.

Without having had a chance to actually test it, I suspect that one could achieve equal quality (maybe even better) by cropping, but with IDZ, you get a good feel for what the final result will look like at the moment of snapping the picture. Also, some folks don't like to do post processing unless absolutely necessary.


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