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Re: Look, up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a blinking orb!

Except for those few orbs where a solid block of clipped RGB (white) or two-color square is inside the the circle most orbs look just the very same as other blown highlights color-wise. Often there isn't even full white color present, but only one or two channels clipping.

The dark circle/halo/outlines around orbs very likely is a sharpening artifact. Many orbs are not encircled full, but only on those sides with dark surrounding. Some are outlined on one side while straying blue/purple fringing/gradation on the other side, which can also happens on non orb-shaped other highlights.

In RAW those outlines are near to non-existent, but unfortunately choosing "soft" sharpening for JPG doesn't seem to help much. Most likely the pronounced form of the orbs makes the sharpening algorithm hit harder, which is something that Fuji can fix. Another thing that they can do is make the already present gradients of orbs go more into darker mid-tones instead of only using bright grey 230-256 range colors.

If we are lucky the firmware might be fine-tunable to better empty the electrons sinks of single CMOS cells in order to avoid spilling overs to neighboring cells (aka blooming).

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