Despite all the negative remarks I bought myself the (fantastic) X100

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Re: Despite all the negative remarks I bought myself the (fantastic) X100

You wanted an X100 and you got yourself an X100. GOOD!!! You have to get what you want and you have to want what you get! Sometimes I just sit and laugh at some of these posts on this forum. So much angst over a camera! Oi Vey! If this camera causes you so much consternation, then it's not the camera for you! I bought this camera unconditionally and accept it unconditionally. It's a challenge sometimes, but I love the fact that I can conquer that challenge. In turn, the X100 rewards you with spectacular photos. The fact is, none of the reported "quirks" dissuaded me from wanting the X100. I have no problem running through the menu system. I have no real problem focusing. My blades don't stick (if they do, I send the camera in for repair... big deal... have you never had to repair your automobile???)... and sticking the battery in the wrong way? Yep, you can do that to a flashlight also... but, if you can't install the battery properly in the X100, then you shouldn't be using an X100 in the first place.

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