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I hate to say it, but SLR's are still superior for fast-moving kids.

Any thoughts on a good entry-level (or entry level+) camera for this? T2i, D3100, A33?

There's one mirrorless camera that can keep up with DSLR AF performance. This has been noted in DPR's preview and several reviews from other competent reviewers. Here's one forum member's opinion on the V1 :


I tried the Nikon 1, thinking it would be perfect for capturing moving kids.

In good light, it was excellent. In typical indoor lighting, it was very hit-or-miss and autofocus could be very slow and inaccurate. You also compromise on ultimate image quality over an SLR. It wasn't good enough for the money as far as I was concerned.

In an unscientific test at Target, I tried a J1 and GF3 side-by-side. Both were in SAF mode, but the GF3 was in face recognition mode, while J1 was in multi-area. Didn't have time to figure out how to change them. Of course, it would be fairer to put them both in center spot focus with the same sized spot. I zoomed both kit lenses all the way out. The J1 was hunting a lot and often failed to lock. The GF3 felt like lightning compared to my NX100 (but to be fair I'm more used to the 30mm pancake AF speed than the kit zoom) and never failed to lock. I couldn't check accuracy in my 3 minutes in the store.

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