What the Mirrorless cameras makers should do but won't. ;-)

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Wally Brooks Forum Member • Posts: 62
What the Mirrorless cameras makers should do but won't. ;-)

Here is what the Mirrorless cameras makers should do. Its really simple in concept:

3 manual programmable controls Like the NEX 7. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

INTERNAL, let me repeat that so you know what I mean, INTERNAL EVF like the Nex 7, or M4/3 from Panasonic. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

External hot shoe AND EVF. Duh! let me repeat that External hot shoe AND EVF DUH! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Industrial Strength external off camera i/eTTL Flash Get them form Nissin like everyone else does on an OEM basis if need be. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

16 Mega pixel higher ISO low noise, as close to a Nikon D3 as you can get. OK to go higher Mega Pixels PROVIDED it is Hi ISO Low noise. More Pixels WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

External control for PASM and NO NO NO NO NO NO NYET, NADA, Bu Yao, Dont want:

alt.wesley.crusher.stupid.wheredidyou study.WHAT.WERE.YOU.THINKING Scene Modes. (OK to have them in a menu provided I never have to see them again, are at the bottom of the menu, and if you do use then a black hole opens up underneath you and your vanish from the earth only to be scene in cartoon land. (Spelling was intentional). WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Pocket wizard or Phottix flash triggering and remote iTTL (Cactus need not apply) I know this is from a third party so DID NOT give it a WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! However since you are not thinking about talking to Pocket Wizard and Phottix you get a WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! for a flawed thought process.

OK, bite my tongue; we can have in camera HDR provided you have +-5 stops like real cameras. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Learn how to make an interesting shape like Panasonic did with the GH series as opposed to a something that a 14 year old girl in Seoul finds cute! This is just under my rant above about External Control for PASM i.e. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

PINK is a hot singer not a camera color! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Best Wishes for the season and we should celebrate all holidays, Hanaka, Christmas, Ramadan, Lunar New Years, Budda; Tree Hugging etc. TOGETHER! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

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