SD1 is useless

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Most start ups goal is to build enough of a base of patents and demonstrate with product so you can sell. The other route is through a public offering. That's where the money is made. If a start up as outside investors such as VC firms - the VC firms are there to make money for their clients not develop "cool" technology.

Foveon just couldn't find a customer to buy. The original deal with Sigma was probably more to get the sensor out there than any great affection for Sigma. The SD9 was much anticipated - it even got a review in DPreview. It had problems - problems that should have been anticipated.

By the time Sigma bought Foveon, they were probably close to broke and the VC firms wanted their money out. Sigma was the only company interested. The way to get your value up is to have more than one company bidding up the price. I have no idea how much Sigma paid but I expect it was much compared to what was anticipated the day Foveon opened its doors.

kenw wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

I wonder if Sigma should just sell the Foveon as a sensor for other companies to use.

Well Foveon tried to do just that for a number of years and nearly went out of business doing so. They were bought for a song by Sigma specifically because given the opportunity no other camera manufacturer wanted to use their sensors.

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