i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

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Re: i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

yes right, but new D800 can be a big jump in technology. D700 is still one of the best, but looking at D7000, what nikon achieved with apsc with new technology, i think they must have bulit something amazing. this will be 2nd generation fx, and D700 is still too expensive, while compared to 5d II. if price was like 2000$ i'd have definetely get a new one. but 2.700$ ? nikon must be nuts.

to other ppl : i work at nikon right, but there is no way i'm gonna give a classified info about D800. also i cant know everything in nikon, like said in this forum. i just need opinion about getting a new camera. also i like to shoot high iso, which D200 cant do, its whether work or art.

Reid Parkinson wrote:

I'd been on the fence but bought a D700 three weeks ago. I'd been using a D300, which is much better with low light that the D200.

My results from the D700 are much, much better than those from the D300. So much better, it surprised me. Coming from a D200, you'd find the improvement huge. And whatever you pay for a D700 now will probably be less than what you'll have to pay for a D800.

To me, not having the best-producing tool available for a magical split-second photo occurrence is a big deal. I don't want to look at the image later and say, "Wow, this is a great photo! Wouldn't it be wonderful if I'd taken it with a D700?" There truly is a difference.

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