Letting you in on a little secret...

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Letting you in on a little secret...

Hi all,

A little history lesson first...

When I switched to digital, I knew nothing about editing pics on PC. Someone told me to use Adobe PhotoShop. So I did, but I knew nothing about the soft. Now, I'm kind of a self-learner, so no problem there. Little by little, I got better at editing pics in PS, working with hue/saturation levels, contrast, brightness, selective sharpening or Gaussian blur, ...

So far, most of you will recognize yourself, I guess.

But if I talk to fellow digicam-hobbyists, it seems this is where most of them draw the line. They think they know enough to get their pics to a level that cannot be further improved.

But me... I discovered curves. When I now look at all my pics that I posted before (on pbase, SIG, BelgiumDigital, ...), and of which I was proud... I can only shake my head in disbelief. They could have been SO MUCH BETTER!

I am now in the process of re-editing a lot of my out-of-camera originals, and also adding frames. So far, I am very pleased with the results.

Now, the curves concept is not that easy to explain, and for some reason: up until now I have not found ONE single book or web-tutorial that clarifies the concept in an understandable manner (read: that even complete PS-beginners can understand).

"Up until now...", because I just came across an article that is very clear, complete AND fun to read.

So... if you don't know about curves...

1) Forget about the "hue/saturation" option
2) Forget about the "brightness/contrast" option
3) Read this: http://www.gurusnetwork.com/tutorials/photoshop/curves1.html
4) Get crackin' on those pics.

You can thank me, and the author of the article, later.



PS. And if you're one of those purists that think pics should remain unedited: fine with me. Post some pics and I'll have a good laugh.

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