Ricoh's first ever DSLR due 9 Dec (Pentax brand)

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Re: how it is a wrong forum

zxaar wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

anthony mazzeri wrote:

zxaar wrote:

Is the OP not related to Ricoh??

Cheap shot.

This is a gear/tech/gadget/manufacturer website, so I have to ask now why are you taking a shot at me because I want to discuss subjects which are exactly what this site is all about discussing? The forums themselves are clearly divided into brands/manufacturers to support this fact. So why are you and Pangloss even here if you actually consider such discussions beneath you that you need to mock others who do?

Besides which, the amount of blood, sweat and money I've committed to them, I'm clearly related to Nikon instead. Why else stick with someone you've never been entirely happy with if they weren't family!

I've been happy with Ricoh though. Want more from them. Like a DSLR. Regardless if they brand it Pentax or Ricoh. Especially a much lighter but still feature-packed one. But like Yomama, the current K-r wasn't quite there yet.

Which brings me back to the thread topic - I'm interested in Pentax Ricoh's future directions in the DSLR space and if they will become more Ricoh-esque. The current crop of Pentax DSLRs is already very close to the Ricoh camera in terms of control placement so it will be interesting to see what small steps this next model will take if any to become more like Ricoh, eg the firmware etc.

I am with you all the way until my nose bleeds Anthony.

Those with nothing much to say trying to censor others with something to say.

It is very sad that a lot of people at Ricoh forum can not read and understand what other person is saying in plain English.

I said nothing about your comment zxaar.

Surely if the subject does not interest then no comment is necessary, what motivates others to mock effort?

Andrew Pangloss who is a very useful member of this forum seems to have had his knickers in a twist ever since the M mount module beat the aps-c zoom to the Ricoh starting gate. Now nothing pleases.

Andrew, the aps-c zoom is coming, too slowly perhaps, but it is coming ....

I promise that I will not savage those who are excited about the prospect even though it is not exactly to my taste and that a nice 85mm f1.4 A16 would be more to my preferment. But, alas ....

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::> I make spelling mistakes. May Dog forgive me for this.

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