Should we opt for Nikon or Cannon

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Re: Should we opt for Nikon or Cannon

Edward Taylor wrote:

The short answer - go with Canon. The more comolicated answer - many of us hope that Nikon will catch up someday. They are a great camera company. The D2X will still not compare.

I think this is a silly answer( above). We have both makes in our busyness and Nikon and Canon (with one 'n' ) are comparable and similar. They are both fabulous camera and both offer a huge range of models and lenses. As for the statement about the D2x above I don't know what that means, we have one we have used in the studio since it came out and it has performed flawlessly. A great workhorse that has probably earned it's Initial cost hundreds of times over.


Budd Sanders wrote:

Hi there, we are just moving into purchasing Nikon system or Cannon,
taking that both systems will be similar (or not) any idea which
lenses are
going to prove better than the other? Are they so similar that
there is
likely to be little difference?

We have medium format at present but need the above for other
assignments using digital.

advice much appreciated, Budd

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