Advice to upgrade from GF1

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GX1 or G3 will get you a bit better high ISO

I have a G3, and it provides quite decent photos at ISO 1600 (slightly better than I found the GF1 at 800), so that gives you at least a one-stop improvement.

The GX1 is quite a bit more expensive. The G3 is better value. It's slightly bulkier than the GF1, but no heavier, and gives you a very good EVF and tilting LCD.

Of course, if you really want good high ISO in a compact camera, they say that NEX is the way to go. So if you mainly shoot at night/indoors and high ISO is very important, that's your answer.

gregsing wrote:

However, and therefore my post, I was considering a new camera that could keep the same picture quality or improve it, keep a similar form factor without going to a full heavy and balance the GF1 weaknesses, low light situation higher than ISO800 or multiple light contrasts.

Question is : is there any camera like this ? After reading and checking some posts, cameras, pretty clear to me GF2-GF3 won't help me much. Same for EP-2, Ep-3. Question on Ricoh as the A10 seems great but bad comments on the S10...

would you have any advice for me ?

I mainly take landscape pictures, colors and BW, I like shooting with angles and playing with lights.

Thanks in advance .

Greg (I posted same thread under GF1 thread earlier in case)

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