1DX crop mode?

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Re: 1DX crop mode?

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wow I did not no that! Thank you. I am Nikon user today but I was considering the 1Dx but I will have to wait and see...

Another problem is that the Canon crop (EF-S) lenses cannot be physically mounted on the normal full frame EF mount.

You can, if you really want to use the EF-S lenses with an FF camera, put it on a 1.4x TC (which can take EF-S lenses) then mount that on your FF camera. The result, if the TC is any good, will be superior to crop mode.

Now, there's something I never thought of... Wow, for the price of a TC added to the price of a 1DX, you can have the best, or at least the acceptable, of both worlds... Of course, then, you do have the price of a TC...
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