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Re: my girlfriend

Godfrey wrote:

flhotelin wrote:

Thank you, RaajS, I'll try to post more. Like this one, same set-up, just lit by cpmputer screen:


I like this second photo much more than the first. In the first one, the ultra-thin DoF and sharp focus plane on the nostils/mouth, with the eyes out of focus, and the viewpoint didn't appeal to me. This one is much nicer as the eye is clear and the angle works better. I'd want to see it just a tad brighter in the highlights ... it's on the verge of being a little too subtle and a touch muddy in the mid-tones. Pulling up the highlights just a little bit will give it the light it needs.

Noctilux, Schmoctilux ... These old Nikkors render beautifully too.

Hi Francis

Remarkably, I agree with every word Godfrey says - lovely shots, but the second is much better - just a tiny bit more light on the highlights

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