Who Would Shoot a Landscape at ISO1600?

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Who Would Shoot a Landscape at ISO1600?

Greetings once more all,

I thought I'd come at this same idea a little differently than a previous thread I attempted. I believe the core has merit.

I recently received a 20" x 30" framed print and am absolutely stunned with the quality of the image - to the extent that it has me wondering why on earth I even bother with medium format gear.

Here's the shot:

Here's the back story:

It was made with the D3s and 17-35mm at 17mm, braced against a slippery, wood railing because I couldn't get my tripod in the right position. It had just started to rain. The shot was made at ISO1600 for as much DOF as I dared attempt (ƒ13) while keeping the shutter speed at what I deemed reasonable for conditions (1/40).

After the trip I was reviewing images and honestly didn't expect much from this shot. I liked the composition and color distribution, but had doubts about whether enough detail came through at that high ISO and questionable shooting conditions. When I opened the image on my display I was stunned. It was so sharp and full of vivid detail from front to back... Only minor dodging & burning were required.

When it came time to print, I nearly chickened out and went small, but figured what the heck, and went for it. Upon opening the print itself I knew for sure once again - and at a whole new level - the D3s is an astonishing camera.

We who shoot this sensor know this already, but I'd encourage all who use this gear to really push it. It opens doors previously unimaginable.

Thanks for any comments, and/or posting your high ISO landscape shots.
Kind regards,
JBCrane, Shooter in Colorado.
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