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Re: Display recommendations

kwa_photo wrote:

Why not just go with a new 27" Mac display with Thunderbolt?

Those displays are best used as Thunderbolt docks for new Macs. In that case, it miiiight be worth it. If the original poster has an older Mac (lacking a Thunderbolt port), the new 17" is overpriced for what it is and another monitor would almost certainly be better.

elliotn wrote:

NEC if you're in the US.
Eizo if you're in Europe.
Dell or HP if you're on a budget.

Specifically the NEC PA- series, for photography. Not any old low-end NEC.

And if the Dell or HP option is taken, and you're a photographer who cares about color, then you must make sure you're getting a Dell or HP with an IPS panel in it.

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