Blurry pics - way too common

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Re: Blurry pics - way too common

I couldn't agree with you more, I come from the large format school of 4x5 camera where a tripod is as necessary as the film, or the Mamiya RB67 school where a tripod is a matter of strength and conditioning. Our technology is wonderful, but the rules of light and motion have not kept up with technology. The lenses have gotten so much better that an acceptable picture is within everyones realm of chance. The perfect picture in focus and sharpness still requires perfection. Even though I have been drawn into the digital world my old habits still remain, and I know when I want a serious picture it still takes a tripod and a shutter release cable. Funny I stil go out and feel like I have failed if I take more than 5 pictures of a subject, even though my camera says I can still take 899 more large raw files.

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