1DX crop mode?

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Re: 1DX crop mode?

John Sheehy wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Alex Dawson wrote:

I can't find anything about crop mode in camera in the 1DX specs?
Can anyone confirm if there is one in the camera?

Crop mode is a lame idea. Anything done with crop mode is done better with a good teleconverter.

I agree in general, however, I can think of two reasons to have a crop mode, if the lower resolution is sufficient for your purposes.

One is poorly implemented video - line-skipping does nothing positive for noise, or demosaicing artifacts, but causes higher aliasing, so it might be better to get your video FOV with 2MP from the center of the sensor, with a wider lens. You could also increase the video framerate if you're only reading a fraction of the sensor's lines.

Most video does use a crop mode, cropped to the 16:9 aspect ratio. I'm not aware of a cropped video mode, but it would be interesting.

The other is speed - a crop mode could increase burst rates, especially in LiveView where the mirror doesn't have to flip.

Yes, that is what Nikon did with the D2X 2x crop mode. On the other hand, since their new processor will process 600MP each second, I'm not sure they need it for the speed any more.

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