Can you afford Leica M9 if ....

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Re: If you have to ask the price of a yacht.....

Sounds like many "photographers" on these forums. They're ready to dis the camera they preordered yesterday coming out next month in favor of the one announced today coming out two months later before they've learned how to use the camera they bought last week.

It's a faster world than I live in.


RaajS wrote:
Abolit, let's see if we can reconstruct your timeline so far:

5 days ago: You post asking for how-to advice on financial engineering an M9 into your life.
3 days ago: You post about the possibility of renting one.

18 hours ago: You post that you've had the M9 for a couple of days and your experiences with it weren't positive, that it was going back to the seller.

13 hours ago: You now hate the M9's "Japanese guts" - everything about it is wrong.

You sure move fast! I'm impressed


abolit wrote:

M9 is not a film camera , it's leica like body with japanese guts (kodak , etc) which does not have anything in common with legendary M3.
M9 is slow.
The white balance is terrible.
Exposure metering is awful .
ISO performance is crappy.

Now, what to pay $7000 for? Smaller size and slick renaissance camera body?

I'll pass this time. Thank you.

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