Dimmable Bulb Recommendations for Continuous Lighting System

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Arlene wrote:

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Arlene wrote:

The lights you're recommending at http://www.nextag.com/Sunlite-05563-Compact-Fluorescent-616970007/write-reviews-html have an 80 CRI rating. This is not good for video and photography - 90 and above is recommended or you're going to get flickering and green color cast. Try this site http://www.lincostore.com/product/Britek-PP170056-159.html for bulbs rated CRI 90.

Wow. I thought that 85W spiral Alzo I have was scary, but yours is in an entirely different league. 240W from what looks like eight 30W folded tubes. And at about 3.5x luminous effacicy, light output like 800W of halogen.


The web page I recommended was just to show you where to buy fluorescent photo/video lights rated at CRI 90 or above.

Cool. I know a few pages like that.

I don't own the 240W but I do have 55watt JTL's rated above CRI 90 with a color temperature of 5500k and also 85 watt Linco's rated above CRI 90 with a color temperature of of 5500K.

I haven't tried either of those, although I have used a few JTL branded things before. My larger background stand is a JTL.

Interesting thing about Linco's 85watt bulbs - they're the same size as the smaller 55watt bulbs which are only 7 1/2 inches in length and 2.9" wide. The Alzo and JTL 85 watts bulbs are 10 inches in length and 3.9 inches wide. Because the 85 watt linco's are smaller, they fit into most professional multi-light photo heads. By the way, linco's says their color temperature is 5500K but it really seems to be 5100K.

Interesting, but the kind of thing that makes me skeptical. There's a site where someone measured the power draw of some high power CFLs, and found that most weren't drawing anything like their rated power. I wonder if the Lincos are like that. Physics says you can only shove so much current through a given gas, and if someone had come up with a formula 70% better than the competition, I'm sure we'd have heard something.

I wouldn't mind a more compact 85W, because I just ordered an 85W Alzo for the torchair in my office, and it's going to look really silly.

Now the most important thing about fluorescent bulbs - they have a big fall off. The light does not project forward like halogens. It projects to the side. The trick is to get the light to fall on the subject. That's why most Fluorescent kits come with highly reflective softbox's that capture and bounce the light forward. So if you're making your own fixture keep that in mind.

Definitely. Personally, I'm looking more for something for a SAD light than for photography, but it would be nice to do double.

That Alzo elsewhere in this thread in the 1x2 foot enclosure with the folding barn doors looked like about what I need. four 55W folded tubes, and a dimming ballast. Personally, I'd like just the fixture, because there's Philips CRI 98 (seriously) tubes in that form factor.

The best thing to get is a multi-light head like cool-flo, or linco's Flora, etc. Each head or fixture holds anywhere from 4 to 7 bulbs and comes with a softbox. Hope this info helped you - Arlene


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